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We are meeting in this place for a reason. You have a sense that your business, your Brand of One, and your impact on the world can be greater.

There is a desert of hidden potential waiting for the rainstorm where ability meets opportunity.

Jonathan David PR will meet you in the desert and help you find your soul purpose.

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The Brand of One


All of us who represent a business are advocates for the Brand of One. This is your brand. Own it. How the world perceives you and your business must match your abilities and your product.

When your offering conflicts with your persona, you will lose trust and interest. When you refine your brand and develop  your products and services to match that communicated vision, the combination of trust, perceived value, and delivered capabilities will propel you forward.

Your reputation is at stake. Own your Brand of One.

Passion Leads Your Purpose

When your passion meets purpose, sparks ignite.  We capture those sparks, harness that energy to create a long lasting spotlight.  You’re good at your passion.  We’re good at revealing your passion.  Let the experts at Jonathan David PR help YOU design YOUR brand image and create a universal message that Tweets & Likes you across all the right media channels.

We help the world understand who you are

Sharing YOUR image is everything.  Whether an actor, culinary chef, artist or entrepreneurial business – we capture the best and then reveal a clear, concise and straightforward message & link-up with media outlets and channel experts most suited with your space, to reach and captivate YOUR audience.  This is a component of our signature Right Left Strategy.  And it’s at JonathanDavidPR.  Ask us!

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